NAGPRA Advisory Committee

UC Riverside NAGPRA Implementation Committee

The UCR NAGPRA Implementation Committee, whose members were nominated by the California Native American Heritage Commission, was established in November 2021. This committee replaced the UC Riverside Interim NAGPRA Advisory Committee established in Fall 2019.

As per the UC Native American Cultural Affiliation and Repatriation policy, the UCR NAGPRA Implementation Committee is "charged with providing compliance oversight and review, advising the campus Chancellor on matters related to the campus’s implementation of NAGPRA and CalNAGPRA, and promoting campus implementation of this policy."

The Campus Committee will:

  1. Assess campus implementation, timeliness, adequacy of resources (e.g., through benchmarking), and compliance with this policy through consultation and review of the campus Repatriation Implementation Plan (see Section VI), campus biannual reports (see Section V.H), and audits, as necessary;
  2. Where needed, make corrective action recommendations to the Chancellor;
  3. Where needed, make recommendations to the Chancellor for revisions to local campus policies and practices consistent with this policy;
  4. Where needed, make recommendations to the Chancellor for the issuance of guidance and best practices for the successful campus implementation of this policy, including compliance with NAGPRA and CalNAGPRA;
  5. Collaborate and coordinate with campus staff (e.g., Chancellor’s Designee and Repatriation Coordinator) for the creation of the campus Repatriation Implementation Plan;
  6. Make determinations regarding the identification of Cultural Items, Requests for Cultural Affiliation and/or State Cultural Affiliation and Requests for Repatriation / Disposition of Human Remains and Cultural Items, and review Notices of Inventory Completion and/or Notices of Intent to Repatriate to ensure compliance with NAGPRA and CalNAGPRA, including appropriate Consultation, and make recommendations regarding such determinations to the Chancellor. The Chancellor will review the recommendations and make the final campus decision;
  7. Review claims of any violation of the policies and procedures adopted pursuant to CalNAGPRA § 8025, and make recommendations to the Chancellor for corrective actions as necessary;
  8. Review campus practices for consistency with this policy and legally applicable requirements and, when requested by a Tribe, assist in the resolution of complaints made in accordance with Section V.I.1 and/or make recommendations for resolution to the Chancellor; and
  9. Serve as a resource o promote Repatriation.


Current members

Tribal Members 

Cami Mojado (San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians) (Non-Federally Recognized)  
Eva Trujillo (Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians) (Federally Recognized)  
Myra Masiel (Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians) (Federally Recognized)  

UC Members 

Gerald Clarke (Cahuilla Band of Indians) (UC Riverside) 
William Clark Kidder (UC Riverside)
Douglas Kennett (UC Santa Barbara)